Reasons to use Gonzales Livestock Market, Inc

Gonzales County is the 11th largest cattle producer in the nation

We have a large buyer attendance

We are one of the largest markets in South Central Texas

We provide Friendly Service

Prompt Payment

Easy Handling of Livestock

All consignments welcome

Open seven days a week to handle your livestock

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Cowboys, Trucks and Hauling Available

We are in the Heart of cow-calf country

Livestock Sale Order

1. Sheep, Goats, Horses

2. Packer Cows

3. Stocker Cows

4. Cow-Calf Pairs

5. Bulls

6. Calves

7. Yearlings

Our Fees - Effective January 16, 2010

Commission Charges:

Cattle: 4% on all sales, with a minimum of $15.00 per head.

Horses & Mules: 6% on all sales, with a minimum of $15.00 per head.

Sheep & Goats: $4.00 per head.

Yardage Charges:

Cattle: $1.00 per head.

Horses & Mules: $3.00 per head.

Sheep & Goats: $1.00 per head.

Insurance: .10% on all sales.

Feed: $2.00 per hundred, over cost on all sack feed.

Hay, $1.00 over cost per bale on all square bales.

Vet Charges: As posted.

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